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Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter, is one of the newest mobile games that is made by Horizon Game Inc. The game has some similarities with Sekiro, where players will need to dodge the hit, the low health bar, and increasingly annoying enemies. But of course, much like Sekiro, Ryuko also have its addictive rage quit inducing gameplay that will make you challenge the game more and more.

Ryuko has a simple graphic, player will move a female warrior that could equip a bunch of different weapons from Greatswords to Longswords to kill the enemies. Each weapon has their own advantages and disadvantages, for example, Greatsword has a huge long-range and high damage, but very slow in comparison to Longsword that has much lower damage than Greatsword but is faster. Ryuko also have bunch of different skills that she can utilize to kill her enemies. Shurikens and other tools can be used by Ryuko to fight the enemies and gain advantages to kill them.

Download Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter on Android

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