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FPS games have always been one of the most popular genres currently. A gunfight, with cool effects and graphics, are some of the things that we can see in FPS games nowadays. Now, if you are one of the fans for the genre, here are some of the best most anticipated FPS Game android games in 2021 where you can pick up your guns and then fight immediately. Check out the list below!

1. Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile is one the long-awaited Battlefield Franchises on mobile, where players will be able to compete in a gunfight with their friends. It is one of the most popular franchises with high graphics and cool gameplay. You can play with your friends and press assault on maps, and modes that you are familiar with in the previous series. Use your weapon of choice with tons of different variants to choose from. Sadly the game is still on pre-register and players that are interested in the game can register for the BETA test if available.

>> Battlefield Mobile Download

2. Valorant Mobile

Valorant, a popular MOBA and RPG game where each character has their own skills are finally being released on mobile. Sadly there hasn’t been any information regarding the release date of the game, and we haven’t really seen the official game, but there are some leaks online regarding the gameplay footage, and control.

>>Valorant Mobile information

3. Apex Mobile

Another big PC game that are going to be released on mobile, Apex mobile is the mobile version of popular FPS game Apex Legends made by Respawn. The game is a 3 vs all FPS battle royale game, where each character has their own skill sets to choose from. Players will be flown to an island to fight til death, searching for guns, and armor in an arena that are going to decrease in size every so often.

>> Apex Mobile Information

4. Critical Strike

Counter strike inspired games on mobile where players will be able to relieve their nostalgic terrorist vs counter terrorist game. Team up with your friends, secure the bomb and kill all of the enemies with your skill in a gun fight. The game is easy to play and easy to understand.

>> Download Critical Strike on Android (Google Play)

5. Project M (NetEase)

Following the announcement that Riot will be releasing a new mobile Valorant, NetEase has finally announced Project M, their version of a Valorant-like game. The game is similar in some ways, such as guns and moba-esque characters in FPS settings, but there are some significant differences, such as character skills and graphics. However, if you are interested, you can try it because it is in Open Beta in some countries.

>>More Information on Project M

There you have it, some of the long-awaited FPS games on android. There are so many FPS games that you can play currently, but these games above are some of the best made by big company that wants to port their game to mobile. Not only that, they also have their own fanbase and what to expect to the mobile port.

Now, what do you guys think about these long-awaited FPS games on android? Which one do you prefer?

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