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Payday: Crime Wars, or Paydays mobile, finally gets its latest announcement after what appears to be more than a year and a bunch of different teasers. The most recent is that they will open a global beta test for all of their fans who have been waiting for the game, but it will only be available on Android.

Payday Crime Wars is the mobile version of the Payday game, where players will need to cooperate with one another in a heist to get the loot aka money. The gameplay is FPS Shooter. Players will be able to choose their jobs, each equipped with different tools that will help them in the heist, from drill, to a simple lock picking item, the game have it all!

The game also features popular characters from the universe such as Wolf, Dallas, Chain dan Hoxton. It also features some of the player-favourite maps from Golden Grin Casino, Trainyard, Art Gallery, Four Stores and many more.

Pre-register Payday Crime War!

For those that are interested in the game, players can join the pre-registration for the BETA worldwide on the link here!

Players can also play the game on Emulator by downloading the APK in the emulator. We recommend that you try a lightweight emulator called LDPlayer that suits your potato PC or Laptop with easy custom control.

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