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PUBG New State is probably one of the most anticipated mobile games currently. Released on 11 November 2021 a few days before, it is said to have a different system and gameplay from the original PUBG Mobile made by TiMi Company. They also said that PUBG New State will have tighter security from PUBG Mobile that is known for its cheater. However, this is deemed not to be true, because a recent image shared by Indonesian Facebook on PUBG New State said otherwise.

The image above is shared by Indonesian player that found someone was using a cheat. On the image above, players will be able to wall hack and see the information of each player in the game by using some type of software in the game. Much like the previous PUBG Mobile cheat, PUBG New State cheat enable you to see the player health, name, and probably their weapon of choices in the game.

Sadly, there hasn’t been any information on PUBG New State, and whether or not this is true. Do note that the image is easily editable, and the source said that they only find it on Telegram. But if this is true, there aren’t many differences with PUBG Mobile.

PUBG New State is a new game made by KRAFTON on Android and iOS!

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