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Among us is becoming their own genre, Social Deduction game, which is pretty popular since the pandemic has been inspiring many developer making a good game based on Among Us. One of which are NetEase with their most popular game series Onmyoji in a new game called HyakKinder where players could play as a mini version of Onmyoji character trying to find the spy among them.

Here are 25 Minutes Gameplay of HyakKinder:

Become a cute shikigami and join your friends in the kindergarten scramble. Complete your tasks and then… sudden betrayal! The game features fast, 3-minute rounds, which means you can hop in and out at any time you want. Invite your friends and family to re-experience the fun of a simpler time: childhood!

Much like among us, you will be given a series of task that you must do to win the game. However, there are a spy among you guys that will seal your cute little character. Report, deduce, and then blame one another in this cute little social deduction games on android!

Download HyakKinder on Android:


If the game is not available on your country, then you could download the APK Files by using this method below:

Note: Hyakkinder is currently on test from 10 January 2022 until 23 January 2022. The game is on BETA Test in Philippines and Indonesia. So if you can’t access the game, play it on VPN server.

How to play HyakKinder on PC:

  • Download LDPlayers (One of the most lightweight Emulators on PC) and install it
  • Open LD Player
  • Open APKCombo on LDPlayer by using browser
  • Download HyakKinder on APK Combo, or by clicking the link here!
  • Click Download icon on the site to download the APK
  • Wait for the download to finish
  • Install
  • Remember to check “Install from Unknown Sources” to install the game
  • Enjoy!

Customize Control for HyakKinder on LDPlayer:

  • First of all, click on the keyboard icon that is available on the right side of the LDPlayer
  • After clicking the keyboard icon, there is going to be some button that you can choose in the emulator. One of which is the move buttons that looks like Joystick, and the other will let you do a tapping motion by clicking your keyboard

Note: For keymapping information and explanation, you can see it here!

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