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There are so many interesting mobile games that are being released each week. So many interesting games are being released to mobile players that let us enjoy the fun and interesting aspect of each game. Games similar to counter strike, Among Us, and many more can be seen this week. As such, here are 7 of those released games this week that you guys should definitely check out!

Best Popular Android Games That You Should Check out!

1. Fading City

Fading City is a mobile open-world survival game created by NetEase Games and Seven Studio using Unreal Engine 4. (UE4). The game has a wasteland theme and can be played online by 2-4 players. The story takes place in the ruins of the city of Weidu. People struggled to survive in the blue fog, but they couldn’t escape the omnipresent blue particles. You can freely explore the vast and open city ruins, collecting supplies, crafting weapons, solving puzzles, and fighting alongside others against powerful zombies. You can also freely construct underground shelters to protect yourself from zombies.


2. Mission Zero

Mission Zero is a 2v4 game, where players can play as infiltrators and form a team of 4 or pursuers that will try to kill the other 4 infiltrators. The infiltrator jobs are simple, which is to steal confidential information, blending into the crowd, and of course avoid being caught. While the pursuer must identify the infiltrators that are trying to steal the confidential information and arrest them.


3. HyakKinder

Become a cute shikigami and join your friends in the kindergarten scramble. Complete your tasks and then… sudden betrayal! The game features fast, 3-minute rounds, which means you can hop in and out at any time you want. Invite your friends and family to re-experience the fun of a simpler time: childhood!


4. Demonborne

Demonborne is inspired by ARPG games like Diablo. Here, players will need to delve into a dungeon which is the abyss to stop the invasion of demons in the world, and the lower you go, the closer you will be to hell, and the more powerful the demon that you had to slay. The game is simple, kill anything that you seen because everything is a demon.


5. Alpha Ace

“Brand-new first-person mobile shooter boasting ultra-reactive combats. Face the ultimate stand off that will enliven your senses as you put your skills to the ultimate test. Alpha Ace has the gameplay modes every FPS fan wants, and more!


6. Anchor Panic

Anchor Panic is an anime turn-based RPG game, where players will take turns in attacking their enemies. Players will make teams with 5 cute anime girls of different sizes, skills, power, and then make them fight against monstrous entities that might hinder the peace of the world. And much like any other Anime RPG game, players will need to gacha their girls before they are able to use them.


7. Sundel Bolong Revenge

Sundel Bolong Revenge is similar to Granny, where players will need to find keys, and hidden items to unlock something to solve the puzzle in the room. However don’t forget to hide, because there is going to be a scary ghost trying to kill you if they find you. Don’t get caught, and if you get caught you will immediately fail.


The list above are some of the best android games that you should definitely check out this weeks. Of course there are many other games that are being released, but here are ours. If you are interested in some of the games above, then we suggest you to download it and check it yourself!

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