By Jay / / Android Games News – Call of Duty: Warzone might be one of the best popular battle royale games currently, and interestingly enough will be getting a mobile version on android and iOS. Although the release date has not yet been confirmed, the developer is currently working on recruiting potential game development talent.

Call of Duty will be the second Call of Duty game to receive a mobile adaptation, following the first, which was released in 2019. Activision may be entering the mobile gaming industry, with Microsoft planning to acquire Activision Blizzard in 2023.

The popular battle royale games may be available for both Android and iOS in the near future. The team is currently looking for someone in production, engineering, design, art, marketing, and a variety of other fields; those interested can check out and apply for the position here for more information.

If you’re interested in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, you might want to check out another Call of Duty Mobile game on Android, iOS, or PC via emulator.

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