By Jay / / 2022 Android News – Google announced that they will make a new feature called Play as you download during the previous Games Developer Summit. This feature enables you to play while you are downloading it. The feature is actually already been implemented to the console user, where you can experience the game before committing for the full size.

It is said to utilize the android Incremental File System to play the game the important file first that you had downloaded, and then the other resource is going to be downloaded afterwards over the network.

For example in a much bigger game like Mobile Legends or PUBG Mobile, players will need to download the important base file to be able to install and play the game. However this feature will be needed to be implemented by the developer themselves, and there might be devs that won’t implement the feature, so don’t expect every game can immediately be played before.

However, it’s expected that popular mobile games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, or even League of Legends Wild Rift to be using this feature. This is definitely a useful feature for those that didn’t have that internet data and no wifi. There hasn’t been any information regarding this feature and when the release date for the function yet, but Google said that this feature might be coming only for devices using Android 12.

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