By Jay / / 2022 Android Games

Already a year ago, Google made a big new step to limit the spread of obscure or false information. Big companies are bringing a feature to share with users regarding revenue results on obscure websites. However, this feature is only available in the United States and will be released periodically in several countries.

With the presence of updates for News and Search, Google wants to educate its users regarding the information they find. What’s more, if the algorithm he is working on turns out to know the topic the user is looking for, it turns out to be a trend. Google will directly provide suggestions to users, starting from finding the name of the author of the article and whether he is the right source of information or not.

Google’s News app will also create a Top Stories label to promote news sources that often get backlinks from other media, or if the article is an interview, press release, original content, and more.

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