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As announced by NetEase Games, the Ace Racer will have its first beta test in the United States and Canada, giving Android users the chance to race to their hearts’ content. The first North American beta test for Ace Racer will begin on April 8 and run until April 26. During that time, Ace Racer will only be available on Google Play The beta test’s goal is to gather player feedback to improve and optimize the game’s content before release.

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Ace Racer NetEase Open their Beta Test for North America!

As well as licensed vehicles from legendary automakers, Ace Racer features surreal and unique vehicles that can be customized in various ways. The game allows you to collect expensive cars and customize them with flashy accessories. Players can now customize their garage in Ace Racer. Each car also has an Ultimate ability that can be used to help it beat the competition. In less than a minute, a phone can provide an unprecedented driving experience. In Ace Racer, teams can race together in Ranked Race, Duo Rally, Transformation Tussle, and Practise modes.

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Ace Racer NetEase

The cars in Ace Racer are more than just an engine and wheels. For example, players can pass through walls, drift at high speeds, or even transform into a new vehicle in Ace Racer. There are so many tracks from all over the world, including cities, forests, rural areas, and deserts. Stunning scenery and famous tourist attractions can be seen in each race if players are willing to look away from the road. The stages are stunning, and each player can personalize their racer and vehicle. Ace Racer lets you collect and customize luxury cars and outfit your character in a variety of stylish outfits.

For those that are interested in the game, Ace Racer can be played on Android, and iOS, you can also follow Ace Racer official Facebook to get updated information regarding the games, and more!

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