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A new mobile game with beautiful anime characters is currently in development. Titled Yggdra Resonance, this game developed by a Chinese developer takes the concept of an anime RPG to attract the attention of its fans. It is reported that Nuverse announced that Yggdra Resonance will be released on April 21 for mobile, especially Android and iOS.

Yggdra Resonance – Anime Waifu RPG Games by Nuverse

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Yggdra Resonance is a unique mobile RPG game where players have to follow real-time to do things. Here players will get synchronization between the game and realtime (whether it’s day or night) and the weather (whether it’s raining or not). Players will follow a story focused on a girl named Norne on a fantasy adventure, and create a team full of beautiful anime waifu.

Anime RPG Gacha

The game is similar to any anime RPG gacha type of game, that is currently very popular for mobile games. For those who are interested, players can pre-register for the game on the official website to get attractive prizes.

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Yggdra Resonance is a unique RPG game with anime characters that are going to be released on Android, iOS, and PC by using an emulator!

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