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A new update is known to be present on the original Mobile Legends server, which overwhelmed CC effect users. The reason is that the update can be used in the game, where the effect of the update is quite disturbing for stun hero users such as Eudora, Aurora, and so on to be not very useful.

This effect changes the Battle spell system which is generally used by Mobile Legends heroes such as Purify and so on so that it can be used when getting the same effect.

Battle spells and Equipment Skills can be used when getting stunned.

Mobile Legends

In the patch update, it is known that Moonton will allow the use of battle spell effects and equipment skills when exposed to crowd control effects. This indirectly provides an opportunity for heroes to come back after being stunned by mage heroes such as Eudora, Aurora, and so on who have one hit ability to kill their enemies when giving a stunning effect.

Skills like Revitalize will certainly be very useful for providing additional health, Sprint to reduce CC time, and Aegis to give additional lives to friends when given CC effects. Not only that, items and equipment skills will also get the same buff, and players can use items such as Wind of Nature or Winter Truncheon when getting the CC effect.

Unfortunately, the only CC effect that cannot be eliminated here is the suppression carried out by 2 heroes, namely Franco and Kaja.

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Mobile Legends is a MOBA Mobile game developed by Moonton. This game is a 5v5 game where players will fight with each other in real-time to destroy the enemy base on their own abilities. If interested, players can download and play the game for free on Android and iOS or PC using an Emulator!

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