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Apple is purportedly building its own game controller, according to recent rumours. This information is derived from a patent granted by Apple, which discloses multiple concepts for gaming controllers. Although this patent was filed in August of last year, it was not verified until March 31, 2022, when Apple was granted the rights. Naturally, the availability of this Apple gaming controller will usher in a new era of iPhone and iPad product consumers that enjoy mobile gaming.

Apple’s New Gaming controller design leaks!

Three distinct designs for this Apple controller are known to exist and may be produced in the future.

Beginning with the original design, which is reminiscent of the Microsoft Xbox Controller, gamers can operate their games with their thumbs and control buttons.

The second design is reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch gaming system, which shares a similar design and look.

The third design is a controller that is included inside the iPad’s foldable pad, shielding the iPad’s screen from known images. There are four buttons that can be utilized to provide input for games.

Apple’s entry into the gaming world is nothing new, given the large number of eSports players who use Apple-branded goods. If implemented properly, this controller will bring a slew of changes to mobile gaming as a whole. Yes, but we must also monitor the performance of each controller in the future.

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