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If you’re a Mobile Legends gamer, you’re probably aware that Moonton is currently under attack by a tank offlaner META strategy. Numerous players in the game are currently utilizing heroes such as Belerick, Akai, Gatot Kaca, and even Hylos as aggressive tankers. This META is undoubtedly difficult for other offlaners hero, who require EXP farming and gold, particularly early in the game, yet are unable to keep up with the tanker heroes’ thickness.

This is why the Roonby feels compelled to provide tips regarding the heroes capable of destroying META Tanker Mobile Legends Moonton.

Tank Destroyer Hero Mobile Legends

1. Dyrroth

It’s no secret that Dyrroth himself is a tanker destroyer hero in Mobile Legends. This is because Dyrroth himself has the skill to reduce the armor owned by the tankers so that it can be used to kill tankers easily. Not only that, players can also use the ultimate Dyrroth to lower the health of the tankers and give True damage to enemies without the need to depend on enemy armor.

2. Lunox

Lunox is the author’s pick to destroy tankers because it has magic penetration that was changed from the start by using its passive effect. Lunox is also very useful in running using its light mode, and becomes a terrible enemy using dark mode. If used properly, Lunox will be a very terrible enemy.

3. Karina

Karina becomes a terrible enemy for the tankers for the same reason as Karrie. Not only that, Karina also has an immune basic attack, which is generally used to counter other mm heroes. Mobility, accompanied by strong true burst damage is the reason to play Karina as an anti-tanker.

4. X-Borg

Having a true damage effect when skill 1 is full is a strong reason why this hero was picked to destroy the META tanker. Not only that XBorg is also quite thick by using the armor effect it has. This hero has a pretty severe skill that can regen, deal massive damage, and even tank, especially if you use the right items like Bloodlust axe.

5. Karrie

Karrie herself becomes a tanker destroyer because she can do damage to the enemy depending on her passive and attack speed. Cool again, Karrie also has the ability to destroy the effect of spell vengeance because it gives burst damage compared to another marksman. Karrie also deals true damage to enemies depending on the Max HP of her enemies, so the bigger the tanker’s HP, the more painful Karrie’s damage will be.

Those are some recommendations for META Tanker destroying heroes in Mobile Legends if you are currently having trouble responding to or countering tanker heroes in Land of Dawn. You can use the hero recommendations above to fight and counter the current tank meta. What do you think?

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