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Raziel is an action role-playing game published by Tencent that was recently known to be closed. This information comes from Tencent, which announced the server’s closure in June, exactly three years after its release. The information is somewhat surprising, given that the Raziel game is one of the best mobile ARPG games available, with large financial support from a well-known publisher.

Raziel is going to be closed due to tension between devs and publisher

This was not due to a lack of gamers of the game, but rather to tensions between Tencent and Raziel’s creator, Indrasoft HK (we didn’t know what the exact problem is). As was the case with Dragalia Lost’s closure earlier this year, many fans were devastated by the news and even filed an official complaint to keep the game alive. Yes, although it is unknown whether the two parties involved will hear the complaint.

Gamers who have purchased things at Raziel will get compensation or a refund you for unused tokens, the currency in-game. This enables you to reclaim your funds, rather than simply losing them.

If you’re still interested, you can download and play the Raziel game until June. This Raziel game is available for free download and plays on Android via the Google Play Store, iOS via the App Store, and PC via an emulator!

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