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Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, has been working hard in recent months to improve the WhatsApp experience. And now, WhatsApp has begun pushing out an update to its stable version for iOS devices that includes capability for 32-person calls. Additionally, this upgrade introduces a new user interface, waveforms, and other enhancements.

WhatsApp to Increase the Capabilities of its Application!

Regrettably, this functionality is still unavailable on Android cellphones. After all, it makes sense for these companies to prioritize bringing the best to iOS first. Currently, WhatsApp allows users to make simultaneous phone calls with several individuals. During the epidemic, the business provided four-person group video calls. However, in response to increased demand for larger groups, the corporation increased this number to eight.

WhatsApp now wishes to position its messenger as the ideal tool for larger meetings. As a result, users no longer need to use Google Meet to conduct speed conversations with a maximum of 32 participants. WhatsApp Groups now support voice calls with a maximum of 32 participants. The corporation altered how participants are displayed on the screen during calls. After all, it would be difficult to accommodate 32 participants using the prior UI.


This program makes use of Waveform graphics to categorize various WhatsApp users. It’s worth noting that the update is now available in the app at version 22.8.80. It presently weighs 109.70MB on the iPhone and adds a great deal of novelty. However, this feature remains unavailable in the Desktop client at the moment. We’ll have to wait and see whether WhatsApp brings the capability to the PC via its Desktop or Web client.

Regrettably, the devs will likely require several months to fully implement this capability across all platforms.

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