Moonton just completed a rework of Vexana Mobile Legends, which was finally made available on the advance server and is currently being tested by the community of gamers. If you are a Mobile Legends user or player who has experimented with the Vexana hero, you are probably aware that the Vexana revamp will make the hero extremely powerful in the near future.+

However, for those who haven’t had the opportunity to experience the Vexana hero in the MOBA game developed by Moonton, here are some things you should know about the Mage hero who has recently had a makeover.

Some Things you must know from Hero Mage Revamp Vexana!

1. Vexana can only change the position of her Lord Summon once

Unlike post-Revamp, Vexana can only change the lord’s position from her ultimate skill once. In addition, there will be a delay of several seconds before the summon can finally be launched to the specified area.

2. Second skill is the best skill after revamping!

Generally speaking, when using the second skill from Vexana before the revamp, players must combine it with skill 1 because this skill is relatively easy to avoid and hence must be combined with skill 1 to be able to hit the enemies.

However, following the revamp, Moonton offered a new feature to the players, allowing Vexana to use her 2nd skill once more to detonate a bomb in the designated region. This ability will undoubtedly come in handy when dealing with foes who are too slick to hit.

3. All Skills Need Aim

Vexana Revamps

Vexana’s mage hero is still lacking in accuracy, as she was before. Almost all of her abilities are shot abilities rather than single-target abilities. Similarly, when using the ultimate skill, when you want to summon her pet lord, players must target the desired location in order to apply a stunning effect to the other team.

4. Combo – Ultimate >> Skill 2 >> Skill 1 >> Fireshot

When playing Vexana’s hero after the revamp, her Combo is one of the most lethal combos in the game. Vexana ultimate has a stunning effect, and when paired with skill 1, the stun effect delivered to the enemy can continue for more than 2 seconds, making it one of the most dangerous combos in the game. Also combined with the damage dealt by summons, skill 2, and Fire shot, no hero is able to endure the damage, even if the hero is a tank.

5. Mobility is the main weakness

Vexana Revamps

Vexana possesses no abilities that can be used to flee from enemy pursuit, return to team fights more quickly, or any other such abilities. When she is targeted, she will have a difficult time surviving due to her low health, particularly if he does not utilize Flicker as his spell.

Vexana Revamp is sure to be an OP hero that will enter META Mobile Legends in the future. However, it has a weakness that cannot be avoided by its users, namely its mobility. Even so, this hero is still a much-awaited revamp hero. The weakness it has is a balance that is quite interesting so that this one hero is not too OP when used. But what do you think?

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