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Weapons are extremely significant in battle royale games like as PUBG Mobile, to gain advantages against the enemies. Because of its numerous advantages, the M416 rifle has become the most often used weapon in the game. Mainly because of the fire rate, damage and accuracy. And recently it is known that the M416 Rifle will get its own mythic skin with a Phoenix theme.

This skin is more visually appealing since it incorporates the iconic Phoenix bird concept as well as smouldering fire features.

This M416 skin can be obtained through the use of a Lucky Spin!

M416 PUBG mobile skin

According to reports, this skin, known as M416 Flame of Wraith – Mythic, will only be available between July and August of 2022. The actual date of the skin’s discovery, as well as any other pertinent information, is still unknown.

PUBG Mobile itself releases new skins with a variety of distinct themes on a regular basis. In fact, they frequently provide these skins to players at no cost for free, which is unusual for mobile games.

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If you are interested in getting this M416 skins, you can download and play PUBG Mobile on Android, iOS and PC by using Emulator!

Play PUBG Mobile on PC by Using Emulator:

Note: For keymapping information and explanation, you can see it here!

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