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One of the games in the battle royale genre, Apex Legends Mobile, was finally released after a very long wait. Since its initial release in 2019 on personal computers (PC) and consoles (consoles), a lot of players have expressed interest in playing the game on their mobile devices (Android and iOS).

This has been a supported feature ever since the release of the games Fortnite and PUBG, both of which got their mobile ports first. Now, players can finally get the opportunity to play these popular BR games such as Apex Legends Mobile, which will be released on Android and iOS on May 17th.

Apex Legends Mobile Global, Soon!

The developer of Apex Legends Mobile has released a cinematic trailer for the players as part of the celebrations surrounding the game’s global release. Players can view the following video trailer, which is presented in the style of a news article and includes a few details about popular Apex characters such as Mirage, Bangalore, Gibby, Mozambique, and Wraith, amongst many others:

Again, this is really cool. The trailer shows a mystery Legends or character who, from the looks of it, will also be available on mobile.

Register in Advance to Get Some Exciting Prizes!

This game is still in the pre-registration phase for several countries as of this moment; interested players who pre-register will be eligible to receive a variety of enticing prizes once it is finally released.

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The mobile game Apex Legends will be made available on Google Play for Android devices and on the iOS platform once more. Emulators are not permitted to be used, but there are reportedly a number of emulators that can be found outside of the game that is capable of playing the Respawn battle royale game.

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