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Developer and publisher Tencent has finally announced new details of its highly-anticipated FPS strategy game. Tencent has finally revealed the exact release date of July 26, 2022, following a successful beta test some time ago.

Arena Breakout is a game similar to Escape from Tarkov, with a promising battle royale gameplay and a few twists that are increasingly challenging to keep players from getting bored. Exit from Tarkov’s hyper-realistic feature of soldiers feeling pain in every part of their bodies has been incorporated into this game.

If a player is shot in the leg, their mobility will be reduced, and if they are shot too many times, their vision will become blurry, making it more difficult to locate enemies. Fans of the shooter genre have been eagerly awaiting Arena Breakout because this feature has never been implemented in any other shooter game before.

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If you are interested and want to try it first, you can register for CBT which will be held on May 17th on the official website. It is not yet known whether mobile games for android, iOS, and PC using this emulator will be released globally, but there is no information related to localization outside China.

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