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It was recently reported that the popular first-person shooter game known as Battlefield has been published for mobile for both Android and iOS. It has been reported that a fresh round of the alpha test would soon be initiated in some places. The most recent alpha test will be very different from the previous ones, with updated content such as two new maps and modes, among other new additions.

New Content Tested for the Battlefield Mobile Alpha!

The two maps that will be added in the game are Halley, which will be recognizable to players of the Battlefield series, and Antelope, which was created just for the mobile version of the game. Halley is a familiar map for players of the Battlefield series.

Not only that, but there is also a greater selection of weaponry that you may play with in this game. These guns include the G3A3, the AK74, the M4, and many others that are already well known in this game.

Even though the game modes haven’t been officially released yet, there have already been some rumors that there will be a Rush Mode that is tailored just for mobile gamers. These rumors come from leaks that have occurred.

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It is unfortunate that the alpha test will only be made available in Mexico, Columbia, Egypt, and Iraq. You are able to pre-register for the test on Google Play if you are a resident of one of the countries listed above.

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