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Ming-Chi Kuo Analysis previously indicated that Apple would begin adopting USB-C in iPhones in 2023, while Bloomberg recently disclosed that Apple is beginning to test the usage of the USB-C port on the smartphone. Furthermore, the media believes that Apple will utilize an adapter that allows the iPhone to use USB-C with a current Lightning connector attachment.

It is unclear whether Apple will offer these adapters directly or separately, but considering Apple’s propensity for selling everything separately, shoppers appear to know what to do which is Save their money because it is going to be expensive.

The Possible Reason as to Why Apple Adapt to USB-C:

iPhone USB-C


One rationale for moving the lightning port to USB-C could be that European Union regulation requires Apple to utilize USB-C devices, which is not a problem for Android products that have introduced USB-C devices in recent years.

According to Apple, adopting a single type of connector for all devices on the market will harm European consumers by limiting charging innovation, including those concerned with safety and energy efficiency. However, Europe rejects this, stating that if a better standard emerges than USB-C, the existing laws will be modified.

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Even so, with the availability of USB-C at Apple, iPhone owners will benefit from speedier charging and data transfers.

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