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Angry Birds recently collaborated with Mojang, presenting a new DLC for players who want to play adventure games and explore the blocky world of Minecraft while being scolded by Angry Birds. Specifically, players will get 2 modes from the DLC collaboration, namely Classic and Mission Mode.

Angry Birds x Minecraft Introduce 2 New Modes!

Players can play the Angry Birds game in Classic mode by utilizing the Slingshot and assuming the roles of a variety of characters from the Angry Birds world in order to bring down the big tower that the green pig is occupying.

On your mission mode, you will have access to four worlds that are exclusive to the downloadable content. In these worlds, players will be tasked with rescuing ten different species of birds from a variety of series.

In addition, once the bird has been saved, the player will be able to use it as a playable character, complete with its own set of skills. Players can use a variety of characters, such as Chuc, Bomb, Stella, and many others.

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Angry Birds x Minecraft

This DLC is available now and can be played on the Minecraft Marketplace along with the new character skin. So if you are a fan of Angry Birds or Minecraft or just looking for something new, you can download or buy this Angry Bird DLC right now at the following link!

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