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The issue of race is definitely a sensitive one for some, but imagine if your illustration work were questioned due to this issue. This is what one of the illustrators and fans of the video game Genshin Impact Hoyoverse depicted in his most recent illustration.

Fan Artist Got Bullied by Genshin Impact Community

The illustrator @dir 4 uploaded an illustration of one of the characters from Genshin Impact Katya on his Twitter account to demonstrate his work. As seen in the image below, instead of a good response from the Genshin game community, he received criticisms and insults from netizens for having the wrong skin hue.

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One of them went so far as to claim that the illustrator had offended Kaeya’s character as a whole, for Whitewashing him. As of this writing, @dir 4 has apologized on Twitter for his work. What is your opinion?

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