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Wuthering Waves, the upcoming mobile game from the creators of Punishing Gray Raven, Kuro Game, finally had gameplay and CG trailers released to on its official websites. The CG trailer for the game, which was teased the other day, may be viewed below:

It is important to keep in mind that because Wuthering Waves is still in development, the gameplay that is featured in the trailer that can be found above may not completely represent the final game after it has been released. In spite of this, it seems as though the game adapts the fast-paced action and fighting from Punishing Gray Raven and places it in an open-world environment, complete with climbing and gliding skills comparable to those featured in Genshin Impact.

Wuthering Waves

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Wuthering Waves, in contrast to Punishing Gray Raven, which was promoted in China, then Japan, and only afterwards in Korea and globally, already has English voices in its trailer and English social media pages. There is a very good chance that the game will be released at the same time in more than one region and might even be released globally soon.

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