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The numerous META adjustments, as well as the presence of nerfs and buffs for several heroes in the game, undoubtedly overwhelmed many players. If you are a serious player who wishes to rank up to Mythic in the future, especially at the start of the Mobile Legends Season, and are skilled at using strong roles in the EXP lane, you should have a look at this article.

Here are some solid hero choices for EXP Lane Mobile Legends at the start of Season 25!

Best Hero in EXP Lane Mobile Legends Season 25!

1. Thamuz.

Best Hero EXP Lane

Thamuz is one of the most powerful heroes in EXP Lane, as he is one of the heroes who was recently reworked to improve his overall skill.  He has all that you want as an offlaner, a healing ability, annoying poke damage, and lastly ability to hit and run when utilizing his second skill. It is hardly surprising that the pick rate on the Original Server has increased dramatically since the update.

2. Khaleed

Best Hero EXP Lane

This sand hero is still a top selection in the EXP lane for individuals who are adept with the fighter role. This hero has healing, damage, and the ability to clear lanes quickly. His mobility cannot be understated, as he can gank from the top lane to the mid lane with relative ease because of his passive. It is not surprising that he is still one of the top pick.

3. Paquito

Best Hero EXP Lane

Paquito is one of the heroes that is still very strong today with high DPS and fairly severe burst damage. What’s scary about this hero is actually quite simple, the combo is very difficult to avoid, with a short CD. This is what makes Paquito one of the most powerful heroes in EXP Lane Mobile Legends.

4. Yu Zhong

Best Hero EXP Lane

Yu Zhong is a Hero fighter who is still one of the most powerful heroes in EXP Lane. This fighter has slow abilities, and annoying poke damage to annoy enemies when laning.What’s more, Yu Zhong also has a passive ability that can do damage while healing him so he doesn’t have to go back and forth to base.

5. Julian

The new Mobile Legends hero, which has a fighter role, has many interesting combinations that can be used to annoy enemies depending on the situation and your enemy. Julian’s 1st skill can be used to annoy the enemy when laning, his 2nd skill can be used to beat the enemy, and finally his 3rd skill can be used to kill them. Julian is also a magic damage hero who is generally very useful for killing enemies in the early game, because enemies in the early game rarely use magic resist items.

Those are some very strong Mobile Legends heroes in the Early game with various abilities to overcome various situations. What do you think? What is the most annoying version of the exp lane hero for you right now?

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