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Snap Inc., the developer behind Snapchat, recently made an announcement regarding collaboration with HiDef to develop a Bitmoji-based music and dancing game. In contrast to the majority of the previous Bitmoji games, the game won’t be integrated with Snapchat in any way and will instead be a completely separate experience.

The game that has not yet been given a name has very few specifics revealed about it, but we do know that it will make use of augmented reality (AR) to host a massive dance party and that it will provide a digital experience that has not been seen before.

Snapchat will make a new AR Games host a Massive Dance Party

“We’re collaborating with HiDef as a marquee partner because of their leadership in the gaming and entertainment market, as well as our shared objective of engaging audiences via creative expression,” Pany Haritatos, the Head of Snap Games, said in reference to the collaboration. Games itself already piqued the interest of almost 300 million Snapchat users, and we are thrilled to be collaborating with HiDef on this exciting new music and dancing game.

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The next Bitmoji dancing and music game that will be released independently by HiDef does not have a release date at this time; but, we will keep you updated!

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