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According to Jeff Gestmann, it looks like Microsoft is working on a new Minecraft game with the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) genre. The co-founder of Giant Bomb and editor of GameSpot said this through one of his Twitch streams.

There has been no announcement from Microsoft or Mojang regarding this matter and neither has given any indication of the presence of the new genre or project. Jeff Gestman is said to have screenshots relating to the new game, and claims that we’ll be hearing official information directly from the game’s developers this week or so.

It is rumored that the Minecraft Spinoff is actually still in the codename and is a game story with an animated cut scene with our iconic character ‘Steve.’ Yes, even so, Minecraft and Mojang have not announced this information until now, Spinoffs from Minecraft such as Minecraft Dungeon and Minecraft Earth have actually been released, but the RTS genre itself does not yet exist.

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Jeff Gerstmann himself is a fairly trusted person, and he thinks this game will probably be announced at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase which is scheduled for June 12 next.

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