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T3 Arena, a multiplayer shooter game with gameplay similar to Overwatch, has finally reached 1 million downloads after being released on iOS. T3 Arena has been available on Android since March 2022, but it has only received 700,000 downloads through the exclusive TapTap application.

T3 Arena was released on iOS two weeks ago, on May 26, 2022, and it recently surpassed one million downloads. Furthermore, this download figure is only calculated from the App Store, and it is very impressive, given that the release of this game coincides with the release of a big game like Apex Legends Mobile, which fans have been anticipating.

Even better, T3 Arena is the number one free game, number one action game, and number one strategy game in four countries: the United States, Canada, Japan, and Singapore.

T3 Arena is frequently updated by developer XD Inc with a variety of new content that keeps the game fresh and new. The addition of several new characters, modes, and maps is an attempt by the developer to pique the interest of players in the game.

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T3 Arena is one of the best mobile shooter games available on Android, iOS, and PC via an emulator.

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