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There is good news for you users of Natan and Edith heroes in Mobile Legends. The hero who was nerfed a while ago for being too OP finally got a buff that would increase his abilities. Edith will get increased damage and defence in early game games, while Natan will get increased damage when using his ultimate.

Buff for Nathan and Edith Mobile Legends from Moonton!

Mobile Legends buff

It has been revealed in the most recent Mobile Legends Moonton patch update, which can be seen up above, that Moonton will grant buffs to two of the Marksman heroes that are currently available in the game. When Nathan uses his ultimate skills, he will receive a bonus to Clone.

In the buff when Natan’s clone uses his ultimate ability, particularly late in the game, the percentage of their attributes that they possess will grow from 35-40 percent to 35-45 percent.  Edith herself will receive a buff that will raise her additional damage from 90 to 105, and her physical defence armour will improve from 15 to 17.

The buff that has been applied to these two heroes might not seem like much, but taking into account the fact that the purpose of this patch update is to achieve a balance in which the hero does not feel overpowered but is still able to compete in the MOBA game Mobile Legends, it appears that Moonton is making the right decision. In the not too distant future, Natan and Edith will most certainly be a viable pick next

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