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It was reported online around a month ago that Telegram intended to establish a premium subscription for the chat app meaning that player will need to pay in order to gain more feature, and Pavel Durov, the CEO and founder of Telegram, acknowledged that this was the case.

It is expected that Telegram Premium will become available before the month is over. The rate at which new features will be created and given to their users is what differentiates the paid premium edition from the free premium version.Telegram Premium

According to Durov, the features that are provided by Telegram Premium allow users to try out various new features first. However, this does not mean that non-premium Telegram users will be left alone because they will still get various benefits such as the ability to view large documents, emotes, and more.

The CEO of Telegram brought an end to the information that was being shared on the platform by declaring that the advertising trials that were being shown on public channels were a greater success than they had anticipated. However, Durov stated that he did not agree with the notion that the messenger app was sponsored by ads and that he intended to prioritize the expansion of the program’s user base.

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Telegram is a new messaging or chatting application that was just published for Android, iOS, and personal computers.

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