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Hero Mage Mobile Legends Nana, is known to get starlight skin in July 2022 for the reworked hero to adjust her skills and roles. Starting from the boomerang damage which is getting increased damage, and Molina which gets a nerf. Regardless Nana’s Starlight Skin looks stunning and is known to change the design of the Hero!

Leaked Starlight Mobile Legends Skin for Nana in June 2022!

Nana Starlight July 2022

Nana, will get a Starlight skin in July 2022 with the name ‘Street Graffiti.’ In the future, this Mage Hero will get a Green Hoddy, with a colourful boomerang similar to a skateboard. In addition, changes to the Molina doll can also be found on the new skin, turning the totoro doll into a cute and furry little guinea pig.

Starlight Mobile Legends Skin Price for July 2022!

Just like the previous months, players can buy the Starlight Mobile Legends skin you can buy it for a price of 550 diamonds. If you are interested, you can buy the skin directly on July 1, 2022!

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