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The new game Don’t Starve that is rumoured to be released on mobile, Don’t Starve: New Home will open its pre-registration right now. The game, which is based on a game developed by Klei Entertainment with the Open World genre and survival elements, was taken over by ShengQu Games, and Level Infinite to present a better adventure in Don’t Starve: New Home with the addition of new features.

Don’t Starve is a sandbox Survival RPG that provides an interesting gaming experience for its players. Interestingly, just like the Don’t Starve Together series that was released on Steam, Don’t Starve New Home features a multiplayer mode where players have to survive in a world that they don’t know.

Don't Starve New Home

Here, players can make a base for shelter, make crock pots to cook food, tents to increase their health and much more.

If interested, Don’t Starve: New Home will soon be available for play on Android and iOS or PC using an emulator, but at this time the developer has not provided information regarding the official release date. But considering that the latest trailer had been released a few months earlier, the game Don’t Starve: New Home looks like it will be released soon.


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Pre-registration is available on TapTap for users of android devices or on the official website for players who are interested in more information.

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