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The official Alchemy Stars Twitter account teased its players with the Persona 5 Royale event on June 16, 2022. After some time, it was finally confirmed that the collaboration event’s crossover would begin in July 2022.

Details about the crossover are still unknown, but based on previous Alchemy Stars collaboration events, this crossover will be a limited event available for a limited time only. There will be a new storyline with characters from the JRPG game when it begins, and players appear to be able to obtain characters in Persona 5 Royale and use them in the game.

Alchemy Stars

According to the announcement, some in-game items must be purchased, while others can be unlocked as you play. Alchemy stars frequently present the same collaboration events, such as Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid presenting Tohru, Kanna, Lucoa, Elma, and Fafnir in the game in early January 2022.

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If you’re interested, you can play the Alchemy Stars game right now on Android and Apple iOS or on a PC using an emulator!

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