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Since it was the first broadcast in October 2021, Bandai and DeNA’s collaborative project is Takt Op. Destiny has really become a franchise that is loved by pop culture connoisseurs.

The reason is that after successfully packing a rating of 7.16 based on the MyAnimeList site for the premiere of the season, it is confirmed that it will release a mobile game entitled Takt Op. Destiny Destiny in the City of Crimson Melody. This time, the franchise, which started its journey through this anime, is confirmed to get a manga adaptation series.


It is planned that the comic/manga version of Takt Op.Destiny will be released on June 27, 2022. Meanwhile, various information will continue to be included in the weekly Comic Alive magazine which will be released in August.

Until this news was revealed, Bandai and DeNA themselves have not provided any information on who the author or illustrator will be working on the comic version of Takt Op. Destiny. Takt Op. Destiny itself is a project initiated by Bandai Namco Arts and DeNA.

DeNA is given the responsibility to develop an RPG genre mobile game. As for the anime version, MAPPA and MADHOUSE will work on it. In terms of the story of Takt Op. Destiny will tell the story of two main characters named Takt Asahina who is a ‘Conductor’ and Destiny who has a power that comes from music called ‘Music arts’. These two people will use the power they have to face a monster named D2.


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Since it first aired in October 2021, this anime has managed to rank the 14th most popular anime in the Fall 2021 season. Meanwhile, its two protagonists, Destiny and Takt, have managed to rank 4th and 6th for favourite Fall anime characters. 2021.

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