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Pokemon GO, like other games, has a large number of hackers and cheaters who spoil the game experience for other players. The community has complained to the developer about this, but this is the first time Niantic really took serious action and said that they would entirely change its anti-cheat mechanism.

This is done to improve the Pokemon GO game’s security mechanism in order to detect hackers more readily and reduce hackers and cheats. The new system from Niantic will directly detect cheaters, and banned them immediately without disrupting the player’s playing experience.

Developed back in 2021, Niantic announced that this system will instantly detect cheats, prevent fraud, and observe everything so that Pokemon GO can immediately find players who cheat faster. In addition, Niantic will also implement the same anti-cheat for all the games they develop.

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The mobile game Pokemon Go is available for download on Android and iOS devices for those who are interested in experiencing the game with updated security.

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