Faramis revamp is one of the most interesting heroes in Mobile Legends, presenting new gameplay in the support mage hero, many people want to play the hero directly.  These changes certainly bring up various questions, but one of them is how to use this new hero? So here are 3 tips that you can use to make your Faramis hero more OP. Check out the article below!

Tips for Using Faramis Revamp Mobile Legends!

1. Collect Passive Stack!

In the Faramis revamp update, the Passive of this one support mage hero can now be used to increase the damage from Faramis as a whole. In addition to reducing the cooldown time, players will also get additional magic damage so that all the skills you have become sicker than before. What’s more, players only need to use skill 2 for heroes, in order to get souls to increase their passive stack

2. Use Skill 1/Ultimate to collect passives

How to Use Faramis Revamp

Skill 1 also gets an interesting buff for the players besides being able to be used directly to attract enemies, players can also collect passive skills directly by using skill 1. This is very useful for minimizing the existing damage from Faramis and good enough to regenerate health by using a combination of skill 2 and skill 1. Ultimate can also give the same effect but is not as useful as skill 1 because it has a faster CD

3. Build Mobility, Build Tanks, Build Support, Build Damage!

Revamp Faramis Mobile legends has high mobility, low respawn rate, CC effects and of course annoying support. Players can maximize some of the things that Moonton improves by providing the right build for each situation. For example, players can use build damage, when the damage in the early game is not large because the heroes you support are late-game marksman like Irithel or Hanabi.

Players can also use build support to reduce enemy magic defence, movement speed, or burn using a glowing wand. Or use mobility builds to increase speed to have clearer map control. Overall support is a versatile hero or hero that can be used in various situations and conditions, and your job here is to support the existing heroes, either by dealing poke damage, giving cc effects to enemies and so on so that carry can work and farm with more effective.

4. Use Ult to Run

How to Use Faramis Revamp

Dying means that you will give the other players a chance to win the game. It gives players gold and exp that can be used to gain advantages. This is why the ult of Faramis has 2 uses, one is to help allies or you not to die, and lastly to run away because you have a huge movement boost after you use the skill.

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Hopefully, the tips above can provide a little information related to the Faramis revamp and how to use the revamp hero. Faramis is a mage and support hero who currently has high support capabilities with the potential to save the team by using his ultimate skill without dying. So use the hero smarter to get a Mythic rank at the beginning of this 25 season!

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