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The “Core of the Apparatus” event will be released soon by Genshin Impact. This event will run from June 29 to July 11, 2022, and players will be able to obtain a robot in order to become a mecha builder in the game.

Bertrand, an Inazuma toymaker, has been working long and hard hours. During the event, gamers will be able to develop a test product in order to earn redemption tickets by accomplishing various challenges. By finishing the event, players can obtain primogems, Hero Wits, Weapon Ascension materials, Mora, and many other items.

Genshin Impact Event Details “Core of the Apparatus”

Genshin Impact Event Apparatus

This event is only available to players who have attained adventure rank 30 or higher and completed the Ritou Escape Plan as part of the Archon Quest: Chapter II: Act I – The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymi and the World Quest Chisato Letter.

To create robotic furnishing, players must obtain a gadget material collector and complete three steps, Source Material Collection, Elemental Charge, and Core Activation, until their progress bar reaches 100%.

The robot’s design and mobility will be determined by the three stages stated above. Players will be assigned a random robot model or a specific robot capable of performing a variety of manoeuvres.

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Genshin Impact Event Details "Core of the Apparatus

  • Players can build other robots and get redemption vouchers.
  • This voucher can be exchanged for Bertrand to get Robotic Furnishing with certain designs and movements
  • Players can also complete various challenge quests to get Primogems, Hero Wit, Weapon Ascension materials and Mora.

With so many rewards for players, Genshin Impact has once again succeeded in making players more interested in playing the game. Genshin Impact is one of the newest open-world ARPG games released on Android, iOS, PC, and consoles!

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