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Epic appears to be moving quickly in managing their battle royale game ‘Fortnite’. This time, after presenting a collaboration with Naruto and Among Us, it is now rumoured to be having another crossover event with Dead by Daylight.

For those who are unfamiliar with Dead by Daylight, it is an asymmetrical horror game in which players can choose to play as a killer or a hunter. The Killer is tasked with pursuing and killing survivors, while survivors must complete five generators and open the exit gate.

This information was revealed by popular leaker iFireMonkey in one post. It said that Behaviour has been discussing the collab between the 2. This proposal had actually been discussed since March, but there has been no talk between the 2 at all after that.

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According to rumours, Dead by Daylight will get the Llama Charm, which is the same as the Loot Llama from Fortnite that Survivors and Killers can use, while Fortnite players will get the Meg Thomas skin. However, this is still only a rumour, and neither Fortnite nor Dead by Daylight has provided any details.

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