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The new PUBG map Deston, which will be published soon, is officially leaked by the dev, with a reported release date of July 13th. This map update will be available for the first time on PC, and while we haven’t received confirmation from the developer, it appears that this map will be available for the mobile version as well much like the previous map before.

The developer had previously teased this map, but it was only this time that it was formally unveiled during the “Dev Talk” event, which was brought to interact between devs and players. Deston is supposed to deliver a fresh and more immersive gaming experience with a more realistic battlefield, with cities with massive buildings that soar into the sky and a variety of unique designs that have never been seen in the PUBG Map game.

Deston Brings a Fresh Air to PUBG

Deston will push players to learn in new biomes on the globe, and in order to have chicken dinner, players must employ a variety of weapons and vehicles fit for each occasion and condition. This map will be the first to depict locations suited for various weapons, such as mangrove woods, central plains, concert districts, and western mountains. Deston also has a new pulley with an emergency parachute that will activate as a default item, and players can refill from their car at the nearby gas station, although KRAFTON advises that this gas station will be very easy to burn and will cause a large explosion when shot.

A new item with the name Blue Chip Detector is also present in Deston, and is a spotter scope that can find other players depending on the existing radius. 2 new weapons are also coming to PUBG including the Origin 12 Slug Shotgun, and the Mp9 Submachine Gun!

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Krafton will present new information and new features from the Deston map prior to its release, so stay tuned for articles on Roonby.

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