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Dev Talk, is a social event presented by PUBG Mobile developers to their players to provide information pertaining to numerous improvements that will be provided in future releases in the game. In Dev Talk 3 which was only shown a few moments ago, it was claimed that the developer would change the calculation system from KDA in the PUBG Mobile game.

This is the solution for KDA, which is being questioned by players to add assists and collaboration in PUBG Mobile classic mode. Not only that, but the developer also claimed that they want to provide more credit to players and are looking for a means to do this.

Even so, the improvements will not be directly displayed at KDA, but he said the developer has found a solution to improve the playing experience of its players. This is the first step to eliminating toxicity in the squad because as we know, Kill does not reflect the skills of each player.

It’s not yet clear how the devs will alter the KDA system of PUBG Mobile, but with the revamp, players may finally learn out whose team didn’t do anything and instead merely murdered steals. Players don’t need to argue anymore and worry about KDA calculations because they will be listed immediately after the game ends.

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PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale game that was developed by KRAFTON. You may download it and play it on your Android, iOS, or PC by using an emulator.

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