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The developer announced during the PUBG Mobile Dev Talk 2.0 that they intend to improve their speech recognition system in order to filter words that come out of the mouths of players in order to give a less toxic atmosphere. The talk took place just a few seconds ago. PUBG has introduced a new tool called Dev Talk to its in-game community in order to address any issues that may arise while playing the battle royale game.

When playing PUBG Mobile, one of the most prevalent issues is that players end up using language that is both quite Toxic and improper. This is one of the most typical concerns with PUBG Mobile.

Even when players speak these toxic phrases or sentences inadvertently as a result of becoming emotional when their teammates make mistakes, this contributes to the creation of a toxic environment within the community.

This causes players who want to play games for fun to become lethargic when playing games, and the makers of PUBG wish to reduce this as much as possible. Because of the bad characteristics of this conduct, the developer is going to construct a new voice recognition technology that will limit toxic behaviour and words that are excessively insulting. As a result, the experience of playing against other players will be less enjoyable.

Even if it is unknown when this adjustment will be introduced in the game, it appears that there is still hope for the PUBG Mobile game in terms of minimizing the amount of toxicity that can be found in the game due to the presence of this information.

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PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale game that was developed by KRAFTON. You may download it and play it on your Android, iOS, or PC by using an emulator.

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