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Providing an update each month is a way to get players to become more immersed in the game that you had made. This is also the case with PUBG Mobile, which only just made version 2.1 of its updates available on its BETA server.

Here is some information regarding the numerous intriguing things that may be seen in the update, which is provided for individuals who are interested in learning more about them.

PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update Information:

Download PUBG Mobile 2.1 BETA

Livik map update

The beta version of Livik will soon receive a new update that will bring with it the addition of new features like Recall and Ziplines, and vehicles. In addition to this, the PUBG Mobile 2.1 update will also provide players with a Radar Tower and a semi-truck to use in the game.

Added features in Cheer Park

Cheer Park will get a major  change in it, where players will get a map that is more modern, interactive, and bigger than the initial version. Various changes such as the addition of a new playground for entertainment, a new shooting range for sniper training and statistics are also presented in the PUBG Mobile 2.1 update.

Weather Features

It is possible that this new function will be the one that, in the future, makes PUBG Mobile even more enjoyable to play. This feature provides changes in the weather, bringing with it a variety of variations ranging from bright to overcast to rain that will give the impression that the environment of PUBG has been altered. This will also make hiding more prominent, and introduce a new strategy in the game.

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Those are some important updates that will be presented on PUBG Mobile 2.1 in the future. PUBG Mobile is a mobile game with the Battle royale genre released on Android, iOS, and can be played on a PC using an emulator

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