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New information related to the latest MMORPG game from Netmarble, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds which was recently released on android and iOS. After previously being rumoured to present drama related to reviews that were manipulated with the lure of prizes in the game the rating on the Google Play Store became 4.4 stars. This game could not maintain that rating until it finally fell to 2.5 stars on the play store.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds

Most people blame that this game is too full auto so that it spoils the gameplay it has. Some people have problems with the UI that is not very good, the movement is strange, and the camera angle is not good. In addition, there are also those who question the match-up system, P2W and many more.

The most recent problem is people who are concerned about the number of bots to Netmarble’s actions which are fairly incompetent in dealing with these bots. The existing bot problem has an effect on high Queue time so players have to wait for a while before finally being able to play.

In the screenshot above, players have to wait about 2 hours more to wait for 800 people who want to play the game, but what did Netmarble do? Netmarble instead sells a pass that is intended to bypass or cut the queue in existing games.

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This made many people angry and even uninstalled the MMORPG Netmarble game.

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