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Revamp Leomord is one of several things presented in the Revamp Rise of Necrokeep update. Even though it’s a revamp that only changes the design of Leomord to be more HD without giving new skill effects. Moonton gives a buff that is quite OP for the fighter hero, making him the prima donna of the Rise of Necrokeep update.

So, if you are confused about why the damage from Leomord is very large, here is an explanation of the Leomord revamp presented by Moonton!

Revamp Leomord Increases the Passive of the Hero Fighter!

Leomord Revamp Buff Explanation

In the latest Mobile Legends patch update, Revamp Leomord will get changes to his 3 skills. Starting from the Oathkeeper passive skill which gets a reduced requirement from 30% to 35% to get a critical hit, and increases the damage and life steal effect of his passive. Skill 1 of Leomord gets an optimization when using skills so Leomord can use his skills more and deal higher damage.

Phantom steed which is the ultimate hero fighter also gets a buff large enough to increase total durability when riding a horse, thus increasing the chance of survival when using Barbiel. These three buffs not only increase Leomord’s damage but also increase Leomord’s overall survivability. The combined total of existing Lifesteal, damage, defence and shield, gives Leomord the opportunity to shine and become one of the best heroes right now.

Well, what do you think? Of course, the Rise of Necrokeep revamp effect is very big on META Mobile Legends in the future, right?

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