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Joycity has released a massive update for its shooter mobile game CROSSFIRE: Warzone. As part of the update titled Sudden Breach introduces an intriguing event, several quality of life changes, competitive elements, and much more.

Players in CROSSFIRE: Warzone’s Sudden Breach might expect to eliminate the enemy commander ‘Breaker’ or face off against his troops. There are seven new chapters featuring 70 battles and four tutorial stages, as well as officer introductions and exchanges with mercenary group leader Officer Reyes.

If you manage to unlock buildings and other content, you can win a variety of prizes. as part of the, update Players can appoint an Officer as a leader and use current skills without using any Skill Points.

This update will undoubtedly enhance the enjoyment of CROSSFIRE: Warzone; if you are interested, players can download the game from the iOS App Store, the Google Play Store for Android, or play it on a PC via an emulator.

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CROSSFIRE is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases that may be played without spending any money.

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