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Xiaomi virtual RAM is a feature that is available in MIUI 12.5 enhanced edition and higher. Players can use this function to increase the amount of RAM on their device and minimize the burden on the device when launching an application. This feature makes use of the user’s storage, decreasing the number of files that can be used to boost the speed of your device.

So is Xiaomi Virtual RAM useful?

Xiaomi Virtual RAM Extension

No, strictly speaking! especially if your device is not an entry-level handset. Some even advise users of Xiaomi Redmi 9 devices to disable this feature because it reduces the Storage space. However, if your device feels sluggish and you wish to run more applications directly, you can use this Virtual RAM.

How to Use Xiaomi virtual RAM:

Xiaomi Virtual RAM Extension

  • First check if your MIUI version is 12.5, if not, please update it first.
  • Go to settings >> additional settings
  • Look for memory extension
  • After that, you can activate the Memory Extension feature
  • You can add the RAM you use after activating the feature.

Note: If you use 3GB RAM you can add +1GB, 4-6GB can add +2GB and 8GB can add +3GB

By using the method above, users can directly activate the Virtual RAM feature from Xiaomi, and interestingly if you have rooted the device, you can add additional virtual RAM capacity from what has been determined.

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This feature has actually been presented in several android applications but has only been implemented on the Xiaomi OS. Yes, even though it’s not very useful, you can use this additional RAM to run applications more smoothly.

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