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The most recent stealth game released by NetEase, Mission Zero, finally reveals some new information about the characters that will be featured in the upcoming player-versus-player stealth game. There are rumors circulating that NetEase will start technical tests in multiple countries on July 8th.

Today, a few days before the test, NetEase presents a trailer of three characters that will be made available in Mission Zero.

3 Characters in Mission Zero Stealth PvP NetEase game!


Aya is a well-known young lady who thrives on the attention she receives from others. This woman has the ability to hit foes and enjoys swinging her bat in her free time. His passive ability has the potential to cause Sirius to be knocked back and can also be used to deal damage to him.


Gabriel is an underground city native. He has a terrible appearance but is a very gentle person. Gabriel is described in his lore as a person who can’t sleep without his unicorn doll. This character possesses three skills: the ability to use his Hook to deal damage, skill 2 to provide defense and immunity to existing damage, and finally a passive skill that reduces the CD of his other skills when successfully used.


Vanessa is a maid robot who despises dirt. To her, Sirius members were similar to dirt, and she was responsible for cleaning them up. Vanessa’s passive skills give you extra movement speed when walking towards your teammates, while other skills give Vanessa abilities like slowing down enemies and teleportation.

Mission Zero is a Morbius x Sirius PvP game where Morbius is a cop, and Sirius is a criminal. Each team has its own goal, and the task of the player here is to complete the mission. So which character are you waiting for?

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Mission Zero will start its technical test on July 8, if players are interested, you can register on the official website right now!

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