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Giants King, a mobile game development company, recently announced Rebel Riders, a game with similar gameplay to the Mario Kart game. The game, which tells the story of a toy gang that has been abandoned by its previous owner, features gameplay in which action figures, dolls, and even cereal mascots take advantage of vehicular destruction.

Players can customize a wide range of vehicles, from dolls that drive them to different types of vehicles ranging from jeeps to tanks. All characters and vehicles in the game can be customized, and there are a variety of modes to play, including 3v3 team deathmatch, stash the cash, and bomb the base.

Download Rebel Riders

The Rebels Rider game is currently being tested on Android devices in several countries, including Canada, Germany, Malaysia, and Indonesia. If you’re interested, you can play the game now until  July 19th.

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Rebels Riders can be played on Android and iOS, but iOS users who want to try this game first can play it on a PC using an emulator. Players can download rebel riders on the Google Play Store or the APK at the following link!

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