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Pearl Abyss recently announced a new class for Black Desert Mobile, its popular MMORPG mobile game. This popular hero, named Drakania, is a character with dragon power which is a very powerful class. In addition to the announcement, the developer will host an annual community event called Heidel Ball 2022. Here’s the details!

Drakania – New Class with OP ability!

Drakania is a class descended of dragons. This class wields a slayer sword, which is accompanied by a shard, a sub-weapon useful for killing and chopping his enemies into pieces. Black Desert Mobile also includes a class preview and combat showcase that showcases Drakania’s greatness.

Field of Valor: Hadum Major update and Heidell Ball Announcement

Black Desert Mobile Drakania

Major update Field of Valor: Hadum is a new PvE battlefield that allows players to increase their combat power in more advanced ways. For the announcement of Heidel Ball itself, new content will be provided to players with a ‘Party Rush’ gameplay mode featuring co-op action for 3 players, a pvp mode Battlefield of the Sun: Siege War Mode with 30v30, and of course Direghan who is the region something new to explore.

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In addition, various features such as the Fairy companion system, and of course events with attractive prizes will also be presented in this mobile game. If you are interested, you can download the Black Desert Mobile game for free on Android, iOS, or PC using an emulator!

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